Mindful Wildlife SUP Experience

Would you like to discover wildlife, relax and get insights about yourself at the same time? Come and join this wonderful mindful SUP experience at the Dommel in Eindhoven!

Do you think Eindhoven doesn’t have wildlife? Well, think again! It sure has! Supcoach collaborates with Wild Eindhoven to make a mindful experience on the water and get to know more about nature as well. We combine best of both worlds: supping & mindfulness combined with a mini wildlife safari.


Paula is the owner and founder of Supcoach and she will help you to slow down while supping and mindful excercises. She combines supping with lifecoaching on the water. Being in nature, especially on the water is a great way to relax and reload. Switch off and gain the brainspace you desperately need in your daily life!

Wild Eindhoven

Nuno is the owner and founder of Wild Eindhoven and will show you all about nature and wildlife in and near the Dommel during this SUP safari! Nuno is wildlife ecologist and helps you to discover nature in the city and see Eindhoven with new eyes 🌳 You’ll be surprised with the diversity of wild animals and plants that live around us, especially in and near the water!

Mindful Wildlife SUP Experience brings you:

✓ In contact with (your own) nature
✓ Discover new nature places and wildlife
✓ In touch with all of your sences
✓ Physical and mental balance
✓ Out of your head, into your body
✓ Time to switch off and reload
✓ A feeling of freedom
✓ Getting to know likeminded people

Did you know that our bodies exist 80% out of water?
When you are near water, you experience an instant feeling of peace and serenity. During supping this feeling multiplies due to the sound of your paddle in the water. And if we’re quiet, you can hear just the smallest whisper of wind through the trees.

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✓ Introduction SUP technique

✓ Mindfulness & meditation by Supcoach

✓ Discover wild animals and plants by Wild Eindhoven
✓ Supping in silence
✓ Sharing experiences & have a drink

✓ Supping back to the starting point


You don’t need to have SUP experience, if you are experienced in supping that’s fine as well. Supcoach will give a short explanation about the technique anyway. We will start with a small exercise to relax and leave our day and impressions behind. Then you hop on your supboard and the SUP Safari begins! We sup back and forth at the Dommel and come back to our starting point.


Dates & time:

~ JUNE 7 | Wednesday June 7: 18:45 – 21:30 o’ clock
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~ JULY 7 | Friday July 7: 18:45 – 21:30 o’ clock
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~ SEPTEMBER 8 | Friday September 8: 17:30 – 20:30 o’ clock
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LOCATION: in Eindhoven, near Genneper Parken, High Tech Campus & close to ASML (> 10 min)
(exact location will be shared after your registration)
GROUP SIZE: 6 participants (minimum amount of 4)
MATERIAL: supboard, paddle and leash

✓ Including water and a healthy snack
✓ Including photo’s and movies of the session
(will be shared via Whatsapp afterwards)

✓ Signup directly and buy a ticket at the website of Wild Eindhoven

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You pay €55,- ex BTW. for this Mindful Wildlife SUP Experience.

You can buy your ticket directly when you signup (at the website
of Wild Eindhoven). Once you have paid, your spot is granted!


More info

Do you have any questions?
Send me an app via 0613997999. Feel free to call as well. Or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]


Want to know what to expect? Like what you should wear, about changes of falling in the water and where you can leave your personal belongings?

Check the FAQ page from Supcoach! Here you will find all the answers to your questions 🙂